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Bride & Groom Tips


A few MORE things to think about before your wedding day!

You become engaged. You giddily start planning. You quickly become crazed with so many details
to think about. Well, here are a few tidbits for you to consider to maybe ease some of that stress.

Lets start with the Bride: and Bridesmaids, where applicable

*** Strapless dress? Unless you want to be yanking it up all day, invest in well-fitting undergarments!
Make sure you're wearing them for your final fitting too.

*** And don't forget your shoes for your final fitting! Besides getting the proper length of the gown
measured with the shoes you'll be wearing that day, please make sure they're comfortable. You'll be
wearing these for HOURS, so break them in little by little. Taking shoes out of the box the morning
of your wedding? Disaster!

*** You also need to scuff the soles of those babies so you don't take a header on a slick dance floor.
Wear the shoes outside, scuff them on a sidewalk or driveway. You'll thank me!

*** Invest in a pretty hanger for your wedding dress! Gowns are heavy and crummy wire hangers
from the dry cleaner won't cut it.

*** Make sure you can sit when you have your gown on, especially if it's being bustled.

*** Speaking of bustled dresses - whoever will be in charge of that duty better practice! Finding those

little hooks under all that tulle and fluff is maddening.

*** Skip any lotion or powder with flecks of glitter/sparkles in it on your wedding day. Sparkles on your face are cute when you're 5.....

*** Have a mini survival kit with you in your 'getting ready' room, complete with:

small scissors - for the tags on all the dresses and jewelry pieces

sewing kit - because something WILL tear/rip

aspirin - you never know

gum/mints - no one wants bad breath

bandaids - because someone WON'T have broken their shoes in!

safety pins - all purpose life-savers

bobby pins - never have enough

hair spray - both for hairdos AND static cling

deodorant - enough said!

*** Alcohol? HELL NO!!! Save it for the reception please.

*** Make sure you EAT!! Your day is a long one! Nerves + little food + booze at 9AM = Hot Mess!!

No one wants a sloppy bride walking down the aisle. And, bridesmaids - this applies to you as well!

Now for the Groom: and Groomsmen, where applicable

*** PLEASE do not pick your tux/suit up the day before your wedding!! And don't assume it's going to

fit perfectly! Too many grooms have ill-fitting pieces and are adjusting themselves the entire day. Give

yourselves a break, AND the tailor, and make an appointment for a final fitting!

*** Shoes, either rentals or new, need to be scuffed on the bottoms so you're not walking on sheets of ice!

And, again, do not wait til 12 hours before the big day to try them on.

*** Cell phones and wallets - please place in your BACK pockets! Nothing in the front - not even in the

inside suit jacket. Bulky items such as these show in the photos.

*** Have a few pairs of dark dress socks with you - NO tube socks please, and NO white socks - ever!!

*** Boutonnieres (fancy for flower) go on the left lapel, guys. Hopefully the florist or wedding coordinator

can help pin them on everyone. OR check out YouTube quickly!

*** Food and alcohol - guys can eat no matter what, but go easy on the drinking beforehand. You don't

want to look back on your wedding day and remember "Jim" hurling in the bushes before the ceremony

even began! Save it for the reception.

For both of you:

ENJOY YOUR DAY!! Take some time at various points of the day to look at all the people who came together to celebrate your marriage. Stand back and feel the love!

And don't sweat the small stuff! Little snafus will undoubtably occur over the course of the day. But in

the grand scheme of things, does it really matter if the centerpieces had pale pink ribbon instead of medium


NO - because you're married!! XOXO