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Tips for your Engagement Session


(and why you shouldn't take Uncle Bob up on his offer to take your photos!)

"We don't need an engagement session."

"We'll get plenty of pictures at our wedding."

"Uncle Bob has a nice camera - he can take some photos of us."

These are just a few responses I've heard over the years regarding engagement photos. It's
fine if you don't want to get some practice in before your wedding day, but I've found that
couples who opt for the e-session end up having a blast! We have fun together, romp
around in some pretty cool places, and take some sweet photos along the way.
I promise the experience won't hurt a bit. And more often than not, the guy (who didn't
want any part of the session initially) comments at the end that it wasn't as bad as he
thought! I'll take that!!

Tip #1

Think about a place that has special meaning for the 2 of you for your session. Where you
became engaged perhaps, or had your first date, or said "I love you" for the first time. That
location will bring out true emotion. Having that connection really shows in the portraits!

Tip #2

Chances are you haven't had many opportunities to be professionally photographed. You
WILL feel nervous and maybe a bit awkward at the start. With me guiding you through
simple moves, and having you just interact naturally with each other, your pictures will
look and feel like YOU. My mantra for posing is 'simple is best.' You will not look like
stiff robots, I promise.

Tip #3

By spending an hour or so together on your e-session, we'll get to bond a little and see
how we mesh. Breaking the ice like this is always a plus, since we'll be working together
for hours on your wedding day. We won't be total strangers to each other this way. You
also get a chance to see how I pose and guide you through various prompts.

Tip #4

This is an opportunity for you to get a little dressed up too! Maybe getting your hair and
makeup done, and trying out some different looks. A wardrobe change during the session
is always welcome too. If you start the shoot in fancier clothes, changing into jeans and
T's makes for a much more relaxed and comfortable vibe.

Tip #5

If you have certain body parts that you love, or some that you may want to camouflage a
little, this is helpful for me know! We all have something that bugs us with our bodies. If
I know this ahead of time, I can plan poses to emphasize your plusses and minimize your
minuses (according to you).

Last but not least - come to the session with a positive attitude,
big smiles, and get ready to have some fun together!!!