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WEDDING FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style of photography?

My style blends 2 types of photography - traditional and documentary.

Traditional, to me, means that full-length portrait of the bride and groom, smiling directly at the camera, for mom and grandma to display on their mantle. Portraits like these are timeless and classic and shouldn't be missed on a wedding day. Family groupings would fall into this category as well. Covering all the bases, capturing the "must haves" then branching into the documentary portion of the day is how I cover a wedding day.

Documentary photos are more about the day developing organically and capturing what occurs at each stage. More natural posing, looking at each other, walking and talking together - just being 'you' and not standing stiff and awkwardly half smiling at the camera. A mix of both of these styles of photography marries well at every wedding, no pun intended!!

Will a 2nd photographer be at our wedding?

YES, we always have a 2nd photographer at every wedding! One person can't be everywhere on a wedding day!

When should we be ready for you to arrive?

To determine this, I always ask when your ceremony will start. From that point, I back the day up by at least 2 hours (usually more because I hate to rush!). This gives us enough time to photograph the details; get some candids of the bridesmaids getting ready; get the bride stepping into her gown; capture some bridal portraits; get the bridesmaids interacting with the bride; get some mother/daughter photos too!

If you opt for a 1st Look, we have to start even earlier to get everything completed before your ceremony. Typically, Family Formals are taken right after the 1st Look, along with bridal party photos and more bride and groom portraits.

What if we don't want to see each other before the ceremony?

Your wedding day is all about what YOU want!! Keep in mind that all the Family Formals, Bridal Party photos and portraits of the 2 of you mentioned above will occur after your ceremony. This may cause you to miss a significant portion of your cocktail hour.

"We're awkward having our pictures taken." Will you help us look good in our photos?

We will definitely give you tips on how to make you look and feel your best in the photos! We don't 'pose' you in stiff, weird ways, but offer direction for believable-looking photos with you interacting naturally.

"I hate my arms/chin/left side .... can you make me look skinny?"

We do have certain ways of positioning you to help those troublesome areas everyone seems to find fault with look better, but we do not use PhotoShop to make a person appear thinner.

How and when do we get our wedding images?

You will receive your final high resolution images via an online gallery sent to your email address within 6-8 weeks of your wedding date. Galleries may be shared with family and friends easily.

Can we order prints or albums from you?

Yes!!! You can very easily order prints and other products right through your online gallery.

If you want an album created, we will pre-design one for you! It's a daunting task to put together an album with so many images to choose from, so we remove that obstacle for you. An online proof will be emailed for your approval, with any additions/deletions on your end made. Parent albums can be ordered as well!

How many images can we expect to receive?

I can't give a specific number of images because all weddings are different. But, between 2 photographers, we take A LOT of pictures! Final edited images will vary between 800-1300, given the number of guests and hours of coverage we're hired for.