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High School Senior FAQ's

HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge for a Senior Session?

I charge $400 for your Senior Experience. The Session typically lasts 90 minutes; 2-3 outfit changes; various settings within the location selected for your photos; you receive ALL of the images I take too!

Do you pick the location for my Session?

I send every Senior a 'Senior Questionnaire' to fill out for me to get to know you a little better before your session. Based on your answers, I'm able to determine what type of environment will best suit your personality, photo-wise. If you have a meaningful location in mind for your session already, please tell me! A spot you love will relax you immediately and your expressions will reflect that.

What do I bring with me the day of my session?

Any outfits you've put together, including accessories, plus a small makeup kit for touchups. Include a hairbrush, lip gloss, powder, and a small mirror. Guys - outfits, or at least a 2nd shirt - ironed! Sport coat for some shots, if that's your thing. Sunglasses, hats - both guys and girls - cool, funky accessories add a great look to your gallery of images.

What if I play a sport? Can I get a few pictures with my jersey on?

Absolutely! Whatever sport you play, bring the main gear with you. No need to put an entire baseball/softball uniform on. If you have a hobby, bring it along - if you can! We normally take these types of photos at the end of our time together.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes! The only thing I ask when a pet is present is to have a designated person responsible for your dog/cat - whatever your special pet is - after we're done taking those photos. We don't have time to be looking after your pet when the focus is on you!

How do I know what to wear? Can you help with that stuff?

I absolutely love helping with wardrobe choices!! I ask you these types of questions in the questionnaire just so I can offer advice. I also send you a 'tips' pdf giving you things to avoid when picking out your clothes for the session. In the past, kids have texted me outfit choices - which I love. I'm 100% honest in my opinions on the outfits - not trying to hurt your feelings, but I know what looks good on camera. If you have any doubts about a skirt or a top, send it to me and I'll give it a thumbs up or down.

When do we pay? What payments do you accept?

Payment is due the day of your session. I accept cash or checks.

Can we have our session anywhere?

If the location you select is within a 30 minute radius of Clifton Park, yes. If I have to travel further than that, I have to charge a travel fee.

Do you fix any acne on my face?

We do light editing on every image, but if you have acne that is more than just a pimple or two, we have a PhotoShop charge per file. The same goes with things being removed from the image(s), like hair off a shoulder or something in the background. If you order certain photos from us, we'd PhotoShop those files for a nominal fee and then print whatever size you wanted.

When and how do I get my gallery?

I send you your gallery via email; 2 week turnaround time.

What about the yearbook image?

When you decide on your yearbook choice, simply let me know the file number and I'll size it to the specifications of your school's yearbook advisor. You will need to supply me with that information - when the deadline is, who to send it to, email address, etc... I'll submit your photo for you! And please do not let me know your yearbook selection the night before it's due!

Do you offer prints/enlargements/albums?

Yes to everything! It's very easy to order right through your gallery. Sizes and prices for wallets through 24x36's are listed right in your gallery when you click on any image. Mounted prints, metal prints and canvas wraps are available as well. We also offer custom USB's of your gallery in a personalized folio; albums too!