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Wardrobe Tips for E-Sessions

How to Look Like a Pro at Your Engagement Session - Wardrobe Tips:

Chances are you haven't had professional portraits taken in a very long time, or ever! To alleviate nerves and those feelings of "I don't know what I'm doing" and "We're awkward getting our pictures taken," here are some guidelines I've found calm people down. Heading into your session, the last thing you should be focusing on is if your jacket is the right color!

TIP #1 - don't go out and buy new stuff!! Wear what's in your closet, and what you feel comfortable in. The stuff in there is YOU; it's broken in just right; you can move in it freely.

** DO, if you feel you must get something new, go for an accessory: a cool patterned scarf, a piece of funky jewelry, or a cute hat.

TIP #2 - don't be all matchy matchy! Everyone in the exact same shirt and jeans is SO 1990!

** DO choose outfits in the same color family, such as Earth tones (browns, creams, greens, burgundy), but again, have different shades of these colors for each member being photographed. Small prints or plaids with combinations of these colors look great too, along with some people wearing solid colors. Mix and match! You can all wear jeans and boots, but the top half should be different for everyone.

TIP #3 - don't think you're limited to 1 outfit! If you're not the types to dress up much, then skip a second change of clothes. Maybe bring a jacket or sweater to toss on to create a different look for the second half of your session.

** DO consider a hair and makeup trial to coincide with your portrait session. Looking and feeling special will give you a confidence boost as you start your shoot. Don't forget to have your nails done, ladies, as we will be photographing your ring too!

TIP #4 - don't blow your outfit, guys, by wearing white socks! And shorts aren't really appropriate for any photo session, in my opinion. You don't have to wear a suit, but nice khakis or jeans look much nicer in photos than hairy legs!

** DO try to have a dress or top that you can swish around, ladies. Movement during your session brings the photos to life. Whatever piece of clothing you choose though, if it's fitted and shows your form as twirl/walk/sway, the look is quite flattering and attractive.

TIP #5 - don't enter your session with an attitude that you're not going to look good in the photos. Let me know if you have a 'good side' or if you have a body part that bugs you. We all do! We will work together to make you look and feel your best.

** DO come to your session with a smile on your face, ready to have some fun. I promise, it won't hurt a bit! That's the best piece of 'wardrobe' advice I can give you! Plus, you always have it with you, ready to go!!