September 6, 2019

Vinny Scott’s Senior Session in the ‘hood

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Vinny’s Senior portrait session in our neighborhood was quick and painless – I thought anyway! Not really wanting to have pics taken, but kind of coerced by his mom, Terri, we moved quickly to get it done. Taking advantage of a bridge connecting our neighborhood to an adjacent development, we got some great shots by the split rail fence, tall grasses and meadow. The smelly pond was avoided at all costs and just another reason to hurry the session along!

Having our son, Troy, assist during the shoot was a huge help too. He and Vinny are friends, so Troy made Vin laugh and look natural – not ‘deer in the headlights’ ish! Talking about silly things our boys and the Scott boys used to do together got us all laughing. Cringing sometimes too! Not formally posing Vinny, but tweaking his stance or adjusting his hands while reminiscing, took his mind off what we were doing. I find this helps so much, especially with guys, if we just talk the whole time. And the fact that Troy was messing with the reflector and inadvertently blinding Vin periodically added to the fun!

Coming back to the house, we set up for Vinny’s formal yearbook shots which Shenendehowa requires. Boys wear a black suit coat, black tie and white shirt against a typical studio backdrop. I don’t have an in-house studio, so we McGyvered a backdrop outside to mimic what was set up in the school hallway at the end of the year. Black jacket and tie, courtesy of my nephew Campbell, has been a lifesaver. Both our boys have worn it and now Vin. No need to go out and buy something for a 10 minute gig! Lights, camera, action – think we did a great job!

Lots of emotions for everyone heading into the final year of high school. Bittersweet memories of the youngest Scott graduating. I know these images will make you smile and cry, Terri, and think of Dave. The two of you created this fine young man and he lives on through Vin and Sam. It was my pleasure to have taken these photos of Vin at this time in his life. I hope his Senior year at Shen is fantastic. Congratulations Vinny Scott, Shen Class of 2020!!


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