August 21, 2019

Callagh’s Senior Session at Cape May!

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When my niece, Callagh, asked her parents if Aunt Erin could take her Senior portraits in Cape May, how could I refuse?!!! The most glorious spot in Jersey? In August, with the bluest skies and sandiest beaches? “Hell yes,” is what I actually said (as my family can attest to my potty mouth!).

Callagh’s mom and dad, Lisa (my sister) and Paul, have been vacationing in Cape May for 26 years; Callagh for 17. Finding a meaningful spot for your Senior pictures is something I ask of all my Seniors. Never have I been asked to shoot in a location such as this though! FYI, destination Sr. Sessions will be added to my website!!

We scoped out locations the day I arrived, with some test shots of Callagh and her sister, Ellery. I had to add them to the blog, just because! The following 2 nights, we shot at a nature preserve and at the total end of the main drag where the beach was deserted, respectively. Why does the light seem different when you’re at the beach? I’d take some shots, look at the back of my camera, and scream! Shots straight out of camera were gorgeous! Taking the opportunity to photograph my sister’s entire family at the end of the 2nd night was a lot of fun too. Using a lifeguard stand as a prop and the ocean as the backdrop – well, guess how gorgeous the light was on them? Celebrating their 25th anniversary soon, Lisa and Paul wanted a nice family portrait. Well, they got several!! Lots of candid shots too, with everyone looking at each other, goofing around – they turned out great, if I do say so myself!

Callagh will be a Senior at Greenwich High School this year. Besides the yearbook image, each graduate can submit images for a Personality Page. She wore her favorite jeans, black Vans tee, her dad’s flannel shirt, and a backwards baseball hat. Paul wasn’t a fan of the cap turned around, but we did it anyway. Girls will be girls!

The final shots of the night, I kept secret from Callagh right to the end. I wasn’t sure she’d go for it, but am so happy she did. I asked her to go out in the water, play around, splash, get hit with a wave, etc… I was right in there with her, until a wave almost took my camera out. Cherry on the sundae would have been her sitting in the surf, but we were going out to dinner afterwards, so that was a no. Plus she was wearing my white jeans, and I didn’t want them getting trashed! LOL

Helping select the outfits Callagh would wear on both nights; sharing my clothes with her; doing her hair both evenings; suggesting makeup tips; this was more than a Senior Session for me. I got to spend such quality time with my niece and family; bunked in with my 2 nieces; spent 2 days on the beach with my brother-in-law and the girls; swam in the ocean, and was in CAPE MAY!!!!! I can’t thank you enough, Leese and Paul, for inviting me to share part of your family vacation. Doing what I love, with people I love, in a place I love and haven’t been to in WAY too long – mini vacay I’ll never forget!

Callagh, kick ass this year (you know this is expected!) and enjoy yourself at the same time! You’re a special young woman with many gifts. Congratulations honey – I love you!!


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