May 17, 2019

The Ideal U – Game Changer!!

The Ideal U – Weight Loss, Nutrition & Diabetes Education center, located on Rt. 146 in Clifton Park, helped me realize my weight loss goal of 20 pounds!! Being a woman of a certain age, and experiencing all of the lovely side effects of being 50-something, I wasn’t feeling good about myself. I had gained weight, felt depressed about that fact, and needed to kick-start 2019 hard! I joined The Ideal U mid-January and just today reached my goal of dropping 20 lbs.!!

Going every week to see Taylor to be weighed, measured sometimes, and just talking about my eating/diet the previous week helped me see what TO eat and what not to. A protein based diet, with packets of nutritional food for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks, Taylor gave suggestions how to incorporate the packets with lean meats and tons of veggies. The first month or so was tough, not going to lie. Purging sugar, dairy, alcohol, fruits and carbs from my diet took some discipline. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger though!

Through Taylor, I was introduced to the owner, Andrea Lilley. Back in January when I was researching The Ideal U, I checked out her website. I immediately thought I’d offer to take their headshots! This is the result of our collaboration. Fun, knowledgable women, I had the privilege of photographing Andrea, Taylor, Nicole, and Claire a few weeks ago. The Clifton Park office is Andrea’s 2nd location, the main office in Albany on Fuller Rd.

I’m phasing out of the program now that I’ve reached my goal, but will still be food journaling and seeing Taylor every Wednesday during this maintenance period. Having clothes that were grossly tight literally fall off now is an amazing feeling. I will not go back to the person I was in January. Andrea and company are such cheerleaders for every client. They want all of us to feel success and feel good about every hurdle we hit. When I’d get bummed over losing just a pound, Taylor would spin it and get so excited that I was consistently losing each week. Positive attitude always helps, and with these women, even if you had a tough week, they’d encourage a fresh start and not look back.

This program works, so anyone out there who feels like I did back in January – and I know there are many – stop in for a consultation to hear more details. You won’t be disappointed!!! Thank you, Andrea and Taylor, especially, for being there for me and keeping me accountable!


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