February 14, 2019

Kuykendall Wedding Goodie Bag

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Meeting with Katie and Ryeley Kuykendall a week ago to give them their wedding day goodie bag seemed so strange. Normally I deliver this within 6 weeks of the wedding date, which was October 13th. They told me to take my time – they had busy schedules with work/teaching/coaching responsibilities/honeymoon plans, etc… So, a few extra weeks later, we finally got the chance to catch up!

I think it turned out better this way. Seeing their expressions as they opened their favorite shot of themselves on a jetty in Avon-By-The-Sea, NJ was awesome. Watching Ryeley study the 12×18 print closely was great as well. A photography enthusiast, Ryeley knew what camera gear we were using and appreciated the time and effort we took to capture this image. Shout out to Jeff for this shot of the happy couple!

They also opened an image wrapped USB case housing their wedding day images. We took so many shots that day, 2 custom engraved USB’s had to be ordered! I always include a handwritten note to the couple, with a few 4×6 prints tucked inside as well; their favorite image of the day, enlarged; signature pink Hershey’s Kisses; some business cards for friends/family thinking about getting married; all wrapped up in my signature chocolate brown gift bag with pink tissue paper.

As I always say, these moments are bittersweet. The goodie bag represents closure with the wedding experience, but hopefully opens new doors for future momentous occasions. Til we meet again, Katie & Ryeley! Jeff and I wish you years of happiness, love, laughter, and good health! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kuykendall!!


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