December 21, 2018

Levanites’ Wedding Goodie Bag!

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I can’t wait to meet with Michael and Mia Levanites to give them their wedding goodie bag!! These 2 have been so appreciative of everything – texts/emails/phone calls – they’re going to lose their minds when they get to actually hold something tangible!! And having them understand the editing process of a wedding? And not expect their images in 2 weeks? Thank you!!!

We always start with my signature colors of chocolate brown and pink – gift bag, USB package and 11×14 print box, with pink tissue paper throughout. Couples narrow down their favorite wedding image and Jeff prints an 11×14 gift for them. Seeing themselves on print can produce a few tears, and allows us to talk about other products we can create for every bride and groom. We always print a few 4×6’s as well, with one of our favorite shots inserted in the cover of a note card. A hand-written message is inside, thanking them again for allowing us to be part of their special day.

The custom engraved USB is housed in an image wrapped folio case, with the couples’ name and wedding date on the spine. Every time we get a case back, we’re in awe of how cool this is, and what a wonderful job the lab does. Such a unique presentation of the wedding USB that every couple is so happy with!

Round out the gift bag with more pink – Hershey’s Kisses this time – and a few business cards for the couple to pass out to friends ready to take the next step. A fun, enjoyable way to bring our wedding experience to a close. Not our friendships, because I truly believe the Levanites’ and I (with Jeff) will continue to see each other. First comes love, then comes marriage, and you all know the rest……. we’ll be there when that time arrives for you guys as well!

Happiness, love, good health, and plenty of laughter for you 2, Mia and Michael. You were absolute pleasures to work with this past year! Jeff and I wish you years and years of joy together. xoxoxo


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