October 29, 2018

Caporale Family Antics in Halfmoon

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The Caporale family had me come to their house 3 years ago to photograph them. I never laughed so hard at a shoot before! Their boys, Christian and Cameron, were 8 and 4 at the time and they reminded me so much of our sons at those ages. Fast forward to last week. Except for growth spurts and no more baby faces, Christian and Cam were exactly the same. Christian – 1st born, so mature for 12 years old, very personable; Cameron – #2 son, little stinker, rolling in the fields, making everyone laugh (and annoying his dad at times), typical 8 year old antics. Some things never change, and you wouldn’t want them to.

Clark and Shannon included Shannon’s mom, Debbie, in this years photo session. Mimi to her grandsons, the pictures of the boys with her attest to the love they all feel for one another. Missing this time around was their dog, Duke, who would have taken off to parts unknown had he been present. As it was, Cam had all of us looking for him at times! Clark pulled a tick off of him at one point, after rolling in the fields for a bit. While taking individual shots of Christian, Cameron popped up behind his brother and photo bombed us. Hysterical – just another day with Cam!

This sweet family makes me smile whenever I think of them. Whether we’re in Halfmoon, or at their house, or the ball fields, I know I’ll get real smiles and expressions from everyone. Hopefully another 3 years won’t go by until we see each other again!




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